Designed according to the MSS SP-61,81(Class 150LB) and MSS SP-135 (Class 150LB, 300LB). General knife gate valves are designed to be suitable for the control of fluids of large particles such as dregs, sediments, etc. In addition, this is of a metal seat type, so there are an allowed criterion for water leakage and a direction, and thus the installation direction shall be considered when installing a valve. The soft seat type has no allowed criterion of water leakage and is designed to be easily installed in both directions. In addition, this can be used in a pure liquid state of fluid line as well to replace other kinds of valves already installed, and was developed to avoid seat leakage even under a pressure of soft seat knife gate v/v 150LB, 300LB in particular.


  • MSS SP-61,81
  • MSS SP-135
  • Flange Standard ASME B16.5, Class 150LB/300LB.
  • Combination of half circle blade-type gate and Rubber seat/Metal seat.
  • Bonnt type and Bonnetless type allows various operations.


  • Patent product that improved seat structure from the previous knife gate valve
  • Zero leakage
  • Wide usable range
  • No categorization for installation direction


  • Standard : MSS SP-61,81,135 ASME B16.5
  • Size : ANSI 150#/300# 2″~48″
  • JIS 10K/20K 50A~1200A
  • Material : A536, A216-WCB, LCB, A351-CF8/CF8M, A351-CF3/CF3M, CG-8M CD4MCU, Titanium, Etc

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